Monday, 19 March 2012

Back in the swing of things

Wow.... where has time gone??? it only seems like yesterday that bittybutton order books opened we are 7 weeks later, 100 hugs later. 100 frames later and a lot inbetween..
A lot has happen since the start of feburary, we as a family have moved church (and loving it), my first Hen party workshop, my new branding,  my 2nd  mothers day weekend, we have had a lot of  school days holidays (i think about 8??) we have had the addition of beautiful twins to our family (my cousin..not me!!) and sadly we had a sudden family death over mothers how much can happen in such a small window of life....
it has definately been a rollercoster of emotions, but i feel that this is how life is for most of us....always rushing and never time for ourselves?
If we were to stop and think how much time do we give to "me" and how much time do we give to God...i think we feel we fall short everytime. As a busy mother/wife/businesswoman i think its important that we DO take time for ourselves...if we dont we easily get burnt out..
So many of you beautiful women spend your time thinking of others, and i can clearly see this through the mountains of emails i receive each week about gifts you want to send to others....but i urge you to TAKE time for YOURSELF this week...even 1 hour for "ME"
I have learnt the importance of this over the last 6 months...things i used to stress about don't seem to be so stressful after a bit of me time...that mountain doesnt seem so high after an hour to yourself..
Ladies life is tough at times...burdens are heavy, life is fast..everyone is SO busy but please START to take for yourself and life does seem to get better... and another thing it OK to say NO!!!
If i could i would send you all your own a pair of superwoman pants..because i think we need to realise we ARE all superwomen!!! Life is a battle and we all need to embrace it with our super powers..we CAN overcome any problem and ANY situation because our Heavenly Father, the King of Kings has went BEFORE we dont need to fear!!!

Im excited about Bittybuttons future... there are lots of new ideas and plans coming over the next year...i couldnt do it without all my loyal customers and constant prayers from friends and family
Im so thankful that God has blessed me with my wee busines...s ive made so many new friends and learnt so much in a small space of time..i hope you are all enjying being alongside me in this exciting journey!!


  1. Amen and amen! Your message goes along with what I've been hearing consistently in the last 36 hours from different sources and it sums up to: I can do what I need to do and exceedingly more in Jesus! How exciting, thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Laura, you have put in words what we ladies should always remember!!! We all need some "me" time. Your gift is an inspiration to us all. Anyone I've given your gifts to fall in love with them & any I have received I treasure for 2 reasons ... 1. the person who purchased it & 2. the person who created it. I look forward to purchasing & receiving many more & being inspired by your work & words :) x