Monday, 19 March 2012

Back in the swing of things

Wow.... where has time gone??? it only seems like yesterday that bittybutton order books opened we are 7 weeks later, 100 hugs later. 100 frames later and a lot inbetween..
A lot has happen since the start of feburary, we as a family have moved church (and loving it), my first Hen party workshop, my new branding,  my 2nd  mothers day weekend, we have had a lot of  school days holidays (i think about 8??) we have had the addition of beautiful twins to our family (my cousin..not me!!) and sadly we had a sudden family death over mothers how much can happen in such a small window of life....
it has definately been a rollercoster of emotions, but i feel that this is how life is for most of us....always rushing and never time for ourselves?
If we were to stop and think how much time do we give to "me" and how much time do we give to God...i think we feel we fall short everytime. As a busy mother/wife/businesswoman i think its important that we DO take time for ourselves...if we dont we easily get burnt out..
So many of you beautiful women spend your time thinking of others, and i can clearly see this through the mountains of emails i receive each week about gifts you want to send to others....but i urge you to TAKE time for YOURSELF this week...even 1 hour for "ME"
I have learnt the importance of this over the last 6 months...things i used to stress about don't seem to be so stressful after a bit of me time...that mountain doesnt seem so high after an hour to yourself..
Ladies life is tough at times...burdens are heavy, life is fast..everyone is SO busy but please START to take for yourself and life does seem to get better... and another thing it OK to say NO!!!
If i could i would send you all your own a pair of superwoman pants..because i think we need to realise we ARE all superwomen!!! Life is a battle and we all need to embrace it with our super powers..we CAN overcome any problem and ANY situation because our Heavenly Father, the King of Kings has went BEFORE we dont need to fear!!!

Im excited about Bittybuttons future... there are lots of new ideas and plans coming over the next year...i couldnt do it without all my loyal customers and constant prayers from friends and family
Im so thankful that God has blessed me with my wee busines...s ive made so many new friends and learnt so much in a small space of time..i hope you are all enjying being alongside me in this exciting journey!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Thought it was time for a good check in!!

Its been a long time since i've written a blog and i thought since its a new year - one of my new years resolutions for me is to write a blog every month or so!!
Ive also got so many new fans since my last blog and thought this would be a good place to introduce myself to you!!

I think you all have worked out my name is Laura:) I have 2 gorgeous boys Nathan (6) and Reuben (5 - his birthday was actually today), and i'm married to my soulmate and i couldn't get by without him :)

Bittybutton is my wee business and i just loved it..i pour a lot of time, love and energy into it.. I run it all from my back bedroom (i refer to it as BB HQ) and I have a gorgeous lady who works alongside me; her name is Patricia and i don't know what i'd do without her

My heart for Bittybutton is to make quirky christian gifts that will encourage, uplift and inspire...
I also want people to know how much they are loved and valued by their heavenly Father and that no-one ever needs to feel alone

So that's a bit of background on me and why i started BB

I've so much to tell you and i thought last August would be a good place to start - our birthday month!! was a great month for bittybutton as it was our 1st Birthday!! It also was the month that i decided to make some changes for BB....
My plans for BB was to bring in other beautiful ranges to compliment my goodies (like Dots & Spots and sass & belle) and to be doing lots of house parties and to have a little team of girlies out taking the parties.... BUT when i held my open house Birthday Party it was clear,  that all you lovely girlies really only wanted BB goodies and not other gift ranges.
I also made the decision in August not to have house parties anymore as it was taking up precious family time  and causing quite a lot of stress....

In September i launched all of my Christmas goodies and was totally BLOWN away by the response...the response was SO HUGE i had to close my order book for Christmas at the end of September (and i know there was a lot of you very disappointed so hopefully i'll be more organised for christmas 2012)

October/November was a really hard month for me personally.... I got diagnosed with severe depression and had to really look at how much Bittybutton was taking over my life...that i why i had to make the decision to take december and Januaury out from orders from BB so i could take time out to organise myself and to see where to take BB.... I have really been on such a rollercoaster ride the last few months but i could not have faced it without the love and support of my husband, family and friends and also knowing that when i thought no one understood my heavenly father did...
Thankfully im feeling in a much better place now:)

December was a great month as i got all orders finished and was able to hold a couple of "virtual shops" to help out all you lovely ladies who had missed out on getting christmas orders....
I also had a lovely break and time out with the family...

So now we've arrived in January and i'm having a very productive month so far!!
My workroom was a total health and safety nightmare, so, me, dad and hubby worked hard last week to get it sorted and i'm totally in love with it (well as much as you can love a room!!)
I'm enjoying coming up with LOTS of lovely new bits, as with the Christmas rush,  i felt that my creative juices had totally dried up!!
I've also open my etsy shop and i'm so excited about it..i really hope it will help me be a a lot more organised, as admin is a totally nightmare (although my beautiful friend Melanie will be helping me out a lot more this year with this - won't you melaine!!)'m also meeting with my graphic designer Chris next week as I'm getting a new card range designed...eeekkk its so exciting i really can't wait!!
These cards will enable me to produce a higher quantity of Hugs in a Box - and i really will be focusing on this product a LOT more in 2012 as there is nothing else  like it in the market....
I'm also changing the frames a bit to make them even more special..but you'll have to wait a few more weeks to see them!!

There's lots of other new ranges i'm planning on bringing out for spring 2012..but its so secret i cant tell you all yet hehehe!!

So lots of changes at BB but hopefully all for the better for you and me both....

I really can't believe how fast Bittybutton has grown but it has ALL been from God... its surprising the methods He uses to make me stop and think about everything... I feel that everything is in His own and perfect timing and i just need to surrender ALL to Him - you know... He NEVER fails and His mercies are new EVERY day....

So that's my little update finished and look forward to everything that happens this year. I also pray that all YOUR plans and dreams are fulfilled this year..

Lots of Love,