Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Getting excited for our Mothers Day Open House!!!

I really am starting to get excited (ok and a bit nervous...)
I feel like a know a lot of my "fans" like old friends - but wouldn't know them if they were sitting in front of me!! - isn't that right Julie Pollock!!!
And some of you know me and have seen me - and again i didn't know who you were - Lyn McEwen!!!

I really hope you are all looking forward to it will all get to see what I'm really like, see my home and get a real heartbeat for what i am all about...

I just want to show God's love, i want to see people feel appreciated, special, valued and loved..

Each of us is so special to God our heavenly father, he wants us to know this, and i hope that the giving of my gifts will make people feel this...
I also want to share my love for God to people who aren't yet daughter's of the KING and maybe they will start to think - there's something missing from my life...

So join with me on the 1st, have a cuppa and a chat...
(I just hope you all like getting close and cuddly with lots of other lovely girls as its going to be busy!!)

Much love,

Teach me how to live, O Lord. Lead me along the right path.
Psalm 27v11